This is the group that my tour was with. They were a really nice group even though only a few people on board spoke English!



Gustavo and Captain Pablo were the leaders in our marine adventure, and Gustavo (left) is the one that taught me most of the information i know on whale sharks. He has been dealing with Whale Sharks for over 15 years. They were both absolutely great and very knowledgeable. 



I have had a fascination with Whale Sharks for as long as I can remember.  I went to the Georgia Aquarium and after that I dreamed of swimming with them. At the Aquarium they offer diving with them and I wanted to do  that, it was on my bucket list.  Then I found out you could swim with them in the wild. I did research and my dream came true in August 2016. 

Our experience began in August of 2016, were I went on a trip to the small island of Holbox. The point of the trip was directed at swimming with the Whale Sharks. Of course I did other things as well but the main idea was to swim with the whale sharks. To be completely honest, I was actually a little bit scared. But V.I.P. Holbox was amazing and did a great job. It was about a 2 hour boat ride to the Caribbean Sea where there were about 50 Whale Sharks feeding at the surface of the water. There were a bunch of other boats but our tour boat went away from the other groups so we could get our own experience. It was absolutely fantastic. We got to go into the water multiple times and swim (Fun fact: the video on the home page of this site is footage from my gopro that I took in the water with me). It is honestly one of the best experiences of my life. After the Whale shark portion, we ate on a small island and saw some seagulls. Talking with the tour guides taught me a lot about whale sharks and was the final point in inspiring me to do this project. 


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